Cazalys Bottleshop

Open 9am till late everyday

Cazalys offers a convenient members only bottle shop located within the front entrance of your club. Keep an eye out for the latest in-store promotions on your favourite products .

You must be a member and have your card to use the bottleshop.


Bottle Shop Specials

5th July – 1st August Specials

McGuigan Black Label Red & range 750ml– $8.99 each.

Jim Beam White 700ml & range– $35.99 each.

Canadian Club Whisky  700ml– $35.99 each.

Smirnoff Ice Double Black 375ml  can 10 pack– $40.99 each.

Vic Bitter 24 x 375ml Stubbie carton– $47.99 each.

XXXX Gold 24 x 375ml Stubbie carton – 2 for $80.00.

Tooheys Extra Dry 24 x 345ml Stubbie carton – $41.99 each.

Bundaberg OP & Cola 10 x 375ml can pack– $40.99 each.

Cougar & Cola 10 x 375ml can pack– $31.99 each.

All specials are “While stocks last” during the sale period.

Bottleshop Promotions

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The Alcohol and Drug Information Service (ADIS) is a confidential telephone service that offers information, advice, counselling and referral for alcohol and other drug issues.