Kerry and the Team are very happy to welcome you back to Cazalys Bingo!

Whilst COVID 19 restrictions are in effect, our usual Bingo sessions have changed significantly.

We encourage you to download the COVID Safe App.
Please do not come to Bingo if you are sick in any way.
Communal water has been closed due to restrictions – you can BYO.
Communal Tea and Coffee has been closed due to restrictions.
Entry will be by the field side door only.
Contract tracing forms must be completed for each visit, write details on a piece of paper, or download the form from our website.
Break times will be slightly different.
Doors will open 30 minutes earlier due to added restrictions.
2 people per table as per COVID guidelines – social distancing will be enforced.
No name cards or reserved seating for future sessions. No bags/personal items can be left in the bingo room, all possessions will need to be removed and taken home at the end of each session.
After each Bingo Sessions, you will be able to move into the club via the lounge doors. A staff member will take you to your assigned seat.


NEW Tuesday AM session (11am – 1pm)

Wednesday PM session time change (7pm – 9.30pm)

NEW Thursday PM session (7pm – 9pm)

Saturday AM has been permanently cancelled

Saturday PM session time change (11am – 1pm) / Only 1 Saturday session

Sunday session time has changed (11am – 1.30pm)


On arrival, please collect 1 number per person, this will ensure that each session remains inside the room capacity number as set by the Government approved COVID Safe plan  Do not take more than 1 number.
We will greet you one at a time at the field side doors, and take you to your assigned seat, we will collect your number from you. You will not be able to roam around the club or mingle due to the restrictions.
Complete ASAP our contract tracing form and give it to staff.
The ticket and Pet ordering system has changed. Table service will be provided as per the guidelines.  Please have your order ready prior to entry into the room to ensure the process runs quickly and smoothly.

Jackpots on sessions will start from pre-COVID amounts
Bingo Quackers continues as normal



Time : 11am

Date: 14th July

+ 2 x $200 Jackpots unlimited calls

+ added Jackpot bonuses up to $1500


Time : 9.30am

Date: 15th July

Jackpot : $3750

Calls: 53



Time : 7pm

Date: 8th July

Jackpot :  Bingo Quackers

+ 3 x $500 Jackpots



Time : 9.30am

Date: 9th July

Jackpot: $3750

Calls: 53


Time : 7pm

Date: 9th July

Jackpot : Bingo Quackers

+ 1 x $1500 Jackpot on unlimited calls

+ added Jackpot bonuses up to $1000


Time : 9.30am

Date: 10th July

Jackpot: $3000

Calls: 54


Time : 11am

Date: 11th July

Jackpot : $1300

Calls: 56

+ 3 x $200 Jackpots unlimited calls


Time : 11am

Date: 12th July

Jackpot : $1000

Calls: 50

+ 3 x $500 Jackpots unlimited calls


Key Features of Pet & Pet 9 tablets

Get in the game!

As the numbers are called, you touch each relevant number on the 90 number tablet. A light will then illuminate showing that your number has been successfully recorded. PET 9 automatically updates all your tickets and will let you know when you are close to a win. Your two best cards will always show on the tablets screen throughout play. Players can even customize the PET 9 tablets view to their personal preferences.

Huge Jackpots to be won!

Play Bingo Quackers at our Wednesday evening, both Thursday sessions and Friday morning sessions. Mini ($500), Maxi ($2,000) and Major jackpots to be won. Major Quackers jackpot starts on $5,000 and increases $250 per Quackers session if not won. Plus throughout the year we also have our $5,000 BIG Bingo event nights. Cazalys Cairns Bingo is bringing the fun back into playing Bingo. For further information email to


Bingo Promotions


Wed PM, Thu AM, Fri AM

It’s sure to be a cracker at Cazalys Cairns Bingo Quackers! Line your ducks up to win. There’s Mini ($500) , Maxi ($2,000) and Major prizes to be won. Major jackpot starts at $5,000 and increases $250 each session if not won to a max of $10,000. Play Wed night and also Thursday and Friday mornings. Bingo Quackers only at Cazalys! For more information email . T&C apply.

Gaming Help Website

Cazalys supports the Responsible Gambling Code of Practice. If you have a gambling problem of know someone who has call LifeLine on 13 11 14 or please go to the Responsible Gambling QLD. The information located on this page is not intended for persons under the age of 18 years or patrons excluded from gaming